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Julien Farel – NEW YORK CITY

Park Avenue Beauty and Anti-Aging House: JULIEN FAREL

I joined the company in a time of major change: new packaging overhaul and joint ventures. The logo design needed to be streamlined and the company’s identity needed to be expanded from a hair focused company to a beauty and anti-aging institution. My role as sole creative director,  I completed the projects:

• New design for existing product range;
• Create packaging for the new amenities product range;
• New salon and anti-aging house branding and signage;
• Anti-aging salon identity and all marketing brochures;
• Logo design for the joint venture for the US Open 2014 to current;
• International and local marketing materials and POS
• New product design (Magnifique + Hairdryer)
• Marketing videos;
• All EDM designs and implementation

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